Grammatical Errors Abound

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I sincerely apologize for the grammatical errors on this blog. I'm reading some of the posts and am embarrassed to say I'm the author. Please consider the content herein was composed rapidly, and devoid of proofing.

Have a lovely day ;)

We have a twit in the Whitehouse akin to grunge musicians speaking through their attire at awards ceremonies. Remember when it became somewhat acceptable to wear jeans to ceremonies. Jeans had become Americanized and the culture seemed to let loose a little bit. I think that happened back in the ‘90s. Today we have a disrespectful, seemingly very spiteful woman gallivanting in London, all over Europe and recently in Russia wearing sleeveless dresses while dining with dignitaries. It’s mind numbing how no one dares to rain on this buffoon’s parade. It’s disrespectful and that is the end of the story.

In the meantime the country is up in arms over a respectable woman; on all fronts, who stepped down from her position as a successful governor. Stepping down means saving the state huge sums of money being spent on frivolous cases spurred by jaded political opponents. It means the sate will have someone devoted to them as much as Mrs. Palin was as governor, and it means she can focus on becoming president of the USA in 2012; which should be a cake walk for this woman given her incumbent, derelict of an opponent. You know I coined John Kerry’s name while he campaigned against GW Bush as; John “I can cure cancer because George Bush can’t” Kerry. Kerry was laughable during any debate. With his prescribed equation I guess you or I can cure global hunger because George Bush couldn’t. It’s quite liberating if you say it aloud to yourself, but the fact is; it’s a lie. Quit lying to yourself. So fast forward to 2012 and we have Kerry’s hand-picked liberal from Chicago telling Americans that he created jobs when it cannot be proven and actually it can be disproven. He uses brazen statistics to bolster his otherwise flat speeches. In between the uhs and umms we just get lied to, folks. At the end of the day or at the end of the term in 2012 it will be nothing short of a walk in the park for Mrs. Palin to march into the Whitehouse and begin correcting the socially enslaving policies enacted the previous 4 years.

To get there Mrs. Palin will need to harness the power of the media and paint them into a corner where they can only expose more truth about herself rather than sling frivolous, baseless comments as they have done in the past. Let’s all demand a little more from our media.

Yes I’m considering supporting Sarah Palin over Ron Paul in 2012. I do not expect the massive overhaul that Dr. Paul promises while Mrs. Palin is in the Whitehouse, but I trust we will get a much better direction out of this country compared to where it’s steered currently.

Democrats are only judged on their intentions - not the results. Rush Limbaugh 2009


Good God this statement is nearly perfect. Create a welfare state and then make it necessary. Create a state run health plan and make 100million Americans lose their private health care making them dependent on the state. Create a wildly deranged tax based on fictional climate change which bankrupts entire industries and then buy the corporations with government money so the state controls all.

Someone is thinking what I'm thinking...

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How or who hacked the Governor’s email? Was it the all-knowing NSA who hacked Clinton’s email a couple weeks ago?

Adultery, email, and the NSA?

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Sometimes coincidences need to be mentioned. Regarding the story Sandford had commonly left on long trips with friends or by himself. His wife had never been suspicious of him cheating. This time; however, she raised alarms during a shorter than average getaway by Sanford. My guess is the NSA has hacked into Sanford’s email just like they hacked into Bill Clinton’s email a couple weeks ago and I would imagine they hacked NV Senator John Ensign’s at the same time as Clinton’s. There are too many coincidences happening right now. When things like this occur we need to consider if there are ulterior motives. I’m not condoning these affairs. I think they are all morally deficient people, but there is a syndicate at work behind the scenes that is much more sinister. Sometimes the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know.

Typical ultra-left fraud.

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Charles Krauthammer doesn't hesitate to proclaim his real goal: "regime change" as the only way to solve future nuclear threats. "Our fundamental values demand that America stand with demonstrators opposing a regime that is the antithesis of all we believe." He then asks, "Where is our president? Afraid of meddling." And how does this brilliant pen of the right propose to meddle effectively? Like his neoconservative brethren, he offers nothing besides moral condemnation.


Charles Krauthammer is berated by Leslie H. Gelb of the Council on Foreign Relations and form NY Times columnist. Based on his previous employer we get a good idea of how relevant this schlep is. Based on the NY Times rapidly dwindling distribution I’m not the only one who agrees with that statement. Haha. Oh how sweet the truth is. Mr Gelb inaccurately represents Charles Krauthammer’s position on US-Iran interaction during the bloody Iran protests. Why would someone misrepresent another person? Either there is confusion or there is insecurity. In this situation I believe there are both. If we’re allowed to hear Charles Krauthammer’s thoughtful insight we can turn to a reliable channel. The following is extracted from:,2933,526967,00.html


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER, SYNDICATED COLUMNIST: I find the president's reaction bordering on the bizarre. It's not just little and late, but he had a statement today in which he welcomed the Iranian leader's gesture about redoing some of the vote, as you indicated.

And the president has said "I have seen in Iran's initial reaction from the supreme leader." He is using an honorific to apply to a man whose minions out there are breaking heads, shooting demonstrators, arresting students, shutting the press down, and basically trying to suppress a popular democratic revolution.

So he uses that honorific, and then says that this supreme leader — it indicates that he understand that the Iranian people have deep concerns about the election. Deep concerns? There is a revolution in the street.

And it is not about elections anymore. It started out about elections. It's about the legitimacy of a regime, this theocratic dictatorship in Iran, which is now at stake. That's the point.

What we have here is a regime whose legitimacy is challenged, and this revolution is going to end in one of two ways — suppressed, as was the Tiananmen revolution in China, or it will be a second Iranian revolution that will liberate Iran and change the region and the world.

And the president is taking a hands-off attitude. Instead of standing, as Reagan did, in the Polish uprising of 1980, and say we stand with the people in the street who believe in democracy. It is a simple statement. He ought to make it. And it is a disgrace that the United States is not stating it as simply and honestly as that.

KRAUTHAMMER: If your objective is to denuclearize Iran, or at least blunt its program, the idea that somehow it's preferable, to, as Obama had done, to say we will remain engaged, implying he would accept negotiation with a discredited Iranian regime on the one hand, which will not succeed, and we all know that.

There is no way he is going to sweet talk Iran out of its nukes.

Whereas the only chance, short of a military attack, of stopping this program is with a revolution in the street, which would change the orientation of Iran and change it away from an existential enemy of America, Israel, and the Arab states. That's what's at stake.

And to say I'm going to sacrifice any support America could give in order that I'm going to retain the option of negotiation with hard- liners who are never going to yield on nukes, makes no sense at all.

Our only hope on the nuclear issue is a change of regime, and that all of a sudden has become possible almost in a miraculous way. It is still improbable, but it's possible, and we ought to throw our support and to show the demonstrators that they are not alone.

KRAUTHAMMER: It is not going to happen. The Chinese have said that, and the Russians as well, that no force is to be used in inspecting these vessels. So it's a non-starter. Nothing is going to happen.

What I think is remarkable is that even though over the last 16 years in the Clinton and the Bush administrations we did not succeed in stopping, although we slightly slowed the nuclear program, look what's happened in the six months of the quote, unquote, "smart diplomacy" of the Obama administration?

Long-range missile tests, the explosion of a nuclear weapon probably a third the size of Hiroshima, the declaration that the plutonium the Bush administration had frozen will be weaponized entirely, the entire stock, and the declaration that the uranium program which the Bush administration talked about, which Democrats had said was an invention of the Bush administration, the uranium enrichment is going to start up. All of that and the seizure of two Americans. If that is not a repudiation, a humiliating repudiation of the Obama policy on North Korea, then nothing is.

KRAUTHAMMER: The Bush administration had the plutonium rods frozen and had a slowdown in those departments. There is a big difference.

KRAUTHAMMER: It's a playing card we ought to play, and to play it now. It's a trump.

So there you have it. Well informed and thoughtful. There is no “hindsight is 20/20” in what Charles Krauthammer says. He has convictions and he stands by them. Some of the ultra left should take note; uh hum, Mr Gelb!


Bush takes swipes at Obama policies - Washington Times

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Bush takes swipes at Obama policies - Washington Times

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A computer's perspective of government versus liberty.

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As I’m cracking into these computer programming books I’m compelled to think in a different way. No not monotone like a robot but functionally to establish objective variables and products of such variables. I am wondering how a computer would interpret socialism versus free market. It seems apparent that the end result must be the criteria for optimization. If we tell the computer we want the government to be strong forever the computer will analyze all inputs and decide that socialism must be the optimal choice. On the other hand if we ask the computer to analyze liberty of each man, woman and child the computer must decide a free market is the optimal choice.

If we had a computer in office right now would we ask it to perpetuate our lives or the government’s existence?



Has no one been listening?

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The Federal Reserve is the most guilty entity in allowing the subprime housing catastrophe to occur. Many are pointing fingers at political parties, but the wise among us know both parties are controlled by the entity with the most money; which is the Federal Reserve. The Fed would prefer you are all divided; because you are fighting amongst yourselves, as the Fed walks into the room and takes everything. In this statement “room” is a euphemism for country. The Fed was the only entity with oversight of banks’ leverage into CDOs and other forms of bad or subprime debt. The administration points the finger at the Office of Thrift Supervision, but we know they are paid just like the other members of the house. In this day and age when a presidency can be bought we need to shrink government and take away its power.

The article below outlines Obama handing over of our country to the money printers. This is a great clue if you still think Obama is the Messiah. You see Jesus stormed into the temple throwing the money changers’ tables and denouncing their practice; because they were trying to control his people, much the same as the Fed is trying to own you and everything you see in YOUR country. (Perhaps I’m na├»ve but I still consider this OUR country. I think we can take it back but it’s going to take years to repair the damage done.) Two things need to happen soon. The Fed needs to be shut down for failure to protect our monetary base and conspiring to dilute it. Obama needs to be impeached for aiding the Fed. I think we can get the entire country behind shutting the Fed and once we have successfully prosecuted them we can easily add Obama to the guilty list and quickly throw him out.


Somebody has to monitor the mainstream media and so I am providing a link to an article that describes the Holocaust Museum Terrorist as a registered Democrat. He is not a right wing extremist. The mainstream media is correct to say he is a neo-nazi; which by definition means he’s an extreme left wing socialist. It’s humorous how people twist words in seemingly inane ways to convince or brainwash society while the public has no knowledge of history to rebuke the media’s shameful efforts. Just the facts, Ma’am.

Sometimes you run across a needle in a haystack...

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Taking wagers on when Letterman will be fired

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When do you think Letterman will be fired by CBS? The most recent scandal is just the tip of the iceberg. The Willow Palin comment comes precisely as Conan O’brien comes into late night power. The writing is on the wall. Conan will eclipse Letterman swiftly. Letterman and Letterman’s ego will become increasingly rude and unapologetic as they become threatened by Conan until ultimately the network pulls the plug on a rude old curmudgeon. I’m not predicting who will replace Letterman but I am predicting Letterman will be fired before June of 2010 for his abrasive personality that will no longer resonate with viewers or sponsors. Meanwhile Conan’s fresh humor and constant resolve will catapult him into late night success. Notice how Conan treats guests who use crude humor or say things akin to Letterman’s latest comment about Willow Palin. Conan pauses for a brief moment as if to give the guest a prepubescent time-out. Subconsciously everyone realizes what just happened and typically the guest refrains from making additional crude comments. I’ll go one farther in predicting the only folks that don’t like Conan will be the internally conflicted people that gravitate toward other forms of debauchery or bastardizations of quality programs in a constant effort to perpetuate their self inflicted misery. We all know someone that is just always sick or the world is always against them and dog gone it they are just the smartest person because everyone else is stupid and just doesn’t “get it”. You know the type. Maybe they can find another Letterman to cheer on to make their like-minded misery sustainable.


Today Show video: Palin: Letterman 'crossed the line'

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Palin: Letterman 'crossed the line'

June 12: TODAY’s Matt Lauer talks with Alaska’s Gov. Sarah Palin about her ongoing feud with David Letterman. She says Letterman’s assertion that he was referring to Palin’s elder daughter in an off-color quip does not ring true.


As foolish as it sounds Matt Lauer thought he was going to prove Sarah Palin wrong, and as anyone would have expected, he failed miserably.

Hurting the economy one sector at a time

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If you ran the country and your primary goal was to foster corporate growth would you either lower taxes or offer some other kind of incentive like tax credits? What’s that!? You say you would RAISE taxes!? How the hell would anyone have elected such a fool!? Oh apparently the USA elected someone with an IQ of roughly their shoe size. We’re raising taxes on a huge profit center for the government which is going to instantly force some of their business offshore to avoid the tax hike. I guess it’s this simple; if the government can’t impose a tax hike everywhere in the world they should probably try to be competitive to keep the business they have and God forbid try to get some new businesses to move here!

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